For the past seven years I have been actively involved in building large scale internet applications that run on Amazon EC2 in Go, Node, Ruby, Python, and Java.


Arcadian Group [2016 - 2017]


  • Exclusive development using React for all new frontend systems
  • Focus on Table based visualization using Reactabular
  • Using Styled Systems for layout and design

Graphql and Graph Database Systems

  • Design and Architect Graphql servers in Javascript using
  • Backend Graphql-js and Express-graphql with Frontend React Development using Graphiql

  • Initiating projects to explore Dgraph
  • Using an extension to graphql to make the query language richer with extra features

Blockchain Systems

Spinnakr [2012 - 2015]

Big Data Analytics

  • Software architecture which handles 1,000,000+ events per day
  • REST Api that serves up multiple data feeds across multiple customers
  • All of the data is funneled through RabbitMQ
  • Redis serves as the backend for the Spinnakr Data Service
  • Front end is based on Ruby on Rails, Backbone, and D3 for the graphics.

Arcadian Group [2011 - 2012]

Founder and CEO

  • Open source search based on Lucene and Elastic Search
  • Large scale web applications based on Angular, Backbone, and D3 for the graphics.
  • Search through and visualize vast amounts of data from different data feeds
  • Redis serves as the backend cache for all of the data.

Caltech [2008 - 2010]

Bioinformatics Stem Cell Research

  • Design and implementation of CRDATA in both Python and Ruby
  • Deploy distributed computing web application to Amazon Web Services
  • REST protocol with multiple worker machines talking back to a Queue
  • Data modeling and visualization in the fields of biological and genetic data
  • Historical data sets in the arena of stem cell research
  • Fundamental and technical analysis on these principal components.

Justice Systems [2005 - 2007]

Member of Technical Staff

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Javascript, iText
  • Design and Implementation of a Large Internet Application
  • Web based Accounting System Using Double Ledger Entries

Albuquerque Institute [2003 - 2005]

Founder of the School

  • Founded charter school with the Mayor of Albuquerque and an educator.
  • Responsible for board selection, hiring teachers, and site selection
  • Science and math curriculum

Vitria Technology [1997 - 2002]

Software Engineer

  • Architecture, design, and implementation of five new Vitria products.
  • Managing small teams of software developers
  • Sales, marketing, consulting, training in the early days of the company

Sun Microsystems [1996 - 1997]

Java Consulting for Fortune 100 companies

  • Original member of Sun’s Java Consulting Group
  • Helped grow Sun’s consulting group from 1 to 50 members
  • Working for large Fortune 500 companies.

Santa Fe Institute [1989 - 1996]

Researcher in Chaos and Complex Systems

  • Time series prediction applied to the equity markets.
  • Automated financial trading systems.
  • Fractal geometry applied to economic data.
  • Neural network design on a 64 node hypercube.
  • Natural language and image processing research.


  • Caltech Graduate Course Work in Biology
  • Nmsu Completed Course Work for PhD. in Computer Science
  • Tulane Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering


Bioinformatics Cloud Computing and Resource Sharing for R and Bioconductor


  • Go - Etcd, Nsq, API Server
  • Ruby - The current release of Spinnakr is written in Ruby.
  • Node - Multiple projects of mine have been written in Node
  • Python - The original version of CRdata was written in Python using Django.
  • Java - Android plus original member of Sun’s Java Consulting Group in 1996.