Experienced internet executive seeks position with a small company with less than 25 employees where I can play a key role in software architecture, computer programming and team leadership. I have an active Github profile with over one thousand commits per year in the languages of Go, Nodejs and Ruby. I am seeking a remote position as I am happily engaged in my life in Corvallis, Oregon.

My business experience includes being the founder and CEO of a small software development company called Arcadian Group which I am still affiliated with today. Cofounder of a math and science charter high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico which was recently named by the Washington Post as one of the most challenging high schools in the nation. Also, I helped to grow a silicon valley startup named Vitria technology from 10 to 1200 employees in five years back during the internet boom of 2000.

My academic experience includes graduate studies in the areas of Biology and Computer Science at Caltech and New Mexico State University. I also did research at the Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos National Lab in the fields of Chaos and Complex Systems with an emphasis on Machine Learning and Fractal Geometry.

Most recently I have been involved in two major exciting areas of software development including the bitcoin ecosystem and software containers both using the Go programming language. In the bitcoin world I am working on tools surrounding a new bitcoin full node and wallet that was developed from scratch in Golang. In the container space I have been actively working in the area of the Rkt specification along with the software details of Etcd which uses the Raft protocol as its mediator for consensus.

I am looking forward to a conversation with you to discuss the mutual synergies between my professional passions and your needs for experienced VP of Engineering types working with senior software engineers.

Thanks for your time and interest.

  • Sincerely,
  • Michael Angerman
  • Corvallis, Oregon

Bitcoin Blockchains

The new field of Bitcoin sidechains lends itself well to fundamental tools being developed in Golang that break down the full bitcoin node into smaller pieces that can be used independently of bitcoin itself. Examples of that include a software package which works just with the wire protocol of the bitcoin network. Using the wire protocol functions one can easily pass transactions and blocks around independent of the peer network. This is very handy when one wants to build new transaction algorithms into the blockchain itself. And more importantly the ability to test these new transaction types including areas such as smart contracts, pegged sidechains et al.


Clearly terms like Docker, Kubernetes, and Rkt are all being used today in the space of containers. Being intimately familiar with the Go programming language, over the past year I have been able to dive into the source code and understand how containers work and how they are related to systemd in the linux operating system. Isolating the core functionality of Docker inside runc enables one to map one to one how docker isolates and interacts with the linux process space.

Machine Learning

I did my graduate studies at New Mexico State University in the field of computer science along with research at the Santa Fe Institute and the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos. My research was multi-fold but essentially the work was in the area of mapping nonlinear time series and functions to problem domains. This is the underlying mathematical analysis of what machine learning algorithms do similar to neural networks. I was working with function sets namely wavelets to better understand the area of image processing and image recognition. For this reason, I understand in detail what it takes to do the underlying mathematics in the field of machine learning.


Recently I have been taking my mathematics background and applying it to the field of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, the main algorithms behind cryptographic hash functions in the full bitcoin node. By getting intimately familiar with the underpinnings of abstract algebra including the definitions of groups, subgroups, and cyclic groups we can begin to understand new algorithms into the future that may be a better fit for cryptocurrencies.


I worked for a little less than two years in the Biology Department at Caltech doing Bioinformatics research in the area of stem cells. It was during this time that we were able to apply our knowledge of machine learning to the fundamental analysis of DNA sequences related to amino acid chains that became proteins. Alot of statistical analysis was done on the particular genes that were involved in the field of stem cells. Bioinformatics is a field that uses mathematical and computer science principles to better understand the field of biology. I was the computer guy working with the biologists to better understand the language of mathematics applied to the field of biology.